14/09/2023 - 28/09/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Eight Artist Group Show - Plurality Now: New Futures

Mon-Fri: 11-5pm; Sat-Sun: 12-5pm

The show gathers London-based artists exploring the multifaceted and constantly evolving concept of identity for second to third generation of Black and Asian immigrants in London. The angle is of an identity continuum, an idea that identity is, in the words of Stuart Hall, "never complete, always in process".

Artists: Jaffar Aly,. Yvadney Davis, Xavier Leopold, Max Limbu, Katasha Rose, Shumaiya Khan, Jade They & Lee-Roy Zozo

Focusing on cultural identity, we look at each individual’s experience as valuable as the common experience for people of colour in the journey of discovering and understanding one’s identity and heritage in a globalised and immensely multicultural world.


Herne Hill 198 Railton Rd, SE24 0JT