19/06/2022 - 16/07/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Eighteen Artist Group Show curated by Andrew Salgado - Come Out & Play

Artists: Adam Baker * Paul Booth * Katherine Bradford * J. Carino * Giorgio Celin * Wenjie Ding * KEEYA * Kris Knight * Navot Miller * Andrew Moncrief * Gori Mora * Emily Oliveira * Ally Rosenberg * Andrew Salgado * Logan T. Sibrel * Krzysztof Strzelecki * Brea Weinreb * Caleb Yono

Curated by artist Andrew Salgado the LGBTQ+ themed exhibition Come Out & Play, celebrates internationally-based queer artists whose practice prioritizes a bold approach and work that is celebratory, challenging, and progressive.

The artists included present queerness as manifest through colour and play, a subject matter free from taboo or shame, and a greater practice that responds to the contemporary ideology of what it means to be a queer artist in society. Included works are primarily in – but not limited to – the form of figurative painting.

The exhibition presents lesser-known LGBTQ+ artists alongside mid-career or more established artists at work today. Exhibition Text by Russell Tovey, Collector & Author, Talk Art


Farringdon 51 Little Britain, EC1A 7BH