6 - 8pm, Thursday 1st Sep


Eighteen Artist Group Show curated by Mustafa Hulusi - Everywhere was nowhere, and nowhere everywhere

'Everywhere was nowhere, and nowhere everywhere’ is a group exhibition that sits within a territory where we are faced with the human need to connect with a sense of the cosmic. Each artist here has their own idiosyncratic approach to this cosmo-anthropic task, using both esoteric and exoteric methodologies. Some of the artists turn towards less rational worlds or enter a space where art history is to be ‘fermented and feasted upon’. One artist is steeped in Sufi cosmology, while others mix geology with anthropology to find the spiritual - along with socio-political critiques.

This group show is an invitation to the viewer as a playful rewriting of visual codes, from mystical hard-edged abstraction to trippy figuration, or from innovative assemblage to compellingly beautiful affective hand-crafted works. It is possible that the ineffable can illuminate ­- that liberation, and elation can be found by attuning to our cosmic origins and recalibrating our focus to our ultimate celestial destination.'

Artists - Monir Farmanfarmaian, Gaia Fugazza, Dee Ferris, Deborah Hobson, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Maude Maris, Tanoa Sasraku, Gulay Semercioglu, Maryam Eisler, Salvatore Arancio, John Greenwood, GT Pellizzi, Peter Peri, Polys Peslikas, Jamie Shovlin, Ben Spiers, Richard Wathan & James Huggett


Fitzrovia 55 Eastcastle St, W1W 8EG