24/01/2022 - 31/05/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Eleven Artist Group Show curated by Helen Neven & Will Ballantyne-Reid - VIRILE

Toxic, in crisis; innate, constructed; stunted, changing; fragile, hopeful.

'Virile' takes as its starting point the House's geographical situation in the heart of Soho; a stomping ground for historically transgressive and transformatory models of the masculine – from Oscar Wilde’s Dilly Boys cruising under the spotlight of Piccadilly’s Eros statue and the genderqueer club kids of Taboo, to the hustlers, bankers and gangsters scuttling under the cover of darkness on Old Compton Street.

Today, the idea of masculinity has never been in such flux or under more scrutiny. Simultaneously, we bear increasing witness to a radical redefinition of what masculinity can be, as once-immutably binary notions of gender are re-thought, re-imagined, and re-claimed. From re-imaginings of the traditional portrait genre to assessments of clothing, commodity goods and stereotype, 'Virile' seeks to question and offer a multiplicity of perspectives on the male subject, the masculine symbolic, its performance and its potential.

Artist - Alida Cervantes,Emanuel De Carvalho, Romeo Roxman Gatt, Celia Hempton, Michael and Chiyan Ho, George Henry Longly, Hamed Maiye, Rene Matić, Glen Pudvine, Prem Sahib & Wilfrid Wood.

Curated by Helen Neven and Will Ballantyne-Reid.


Soho 1 Greek St, W1D 4NQ