10/03/2023 - 23/04/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Eleven Artist Group Show curated by Theo Ellison - Art and Comedy, Just Like That

Fri-Sun: 12-5pm

Art and Comedy, Just Like That, featuring 11 artists, curated by Theo Ellison.

In his most well-known routine, the comedian Simon Munnery deconstructs a line from a review of his stand-up, which describes his act as ‘the closest that comedy gets to modern art’ - a quote which he runs with to interpret that bad art is “perilously close to being comedy”.

Humour has always been treated with suspicion within art and other high-culture pursuits. When it does present itself, it’s often under the remit of an ‘art-world humour’ that’s laced with a knowing irony; even the mainstays of comedic art like the Dadaists are geared more towards amusement rather than laughter. This exhibition explores that strange disconnect and digs into the role of humour within art; the relationship between irony and sincerity, the influence of comedy on video and performance art, the commonalities and differences between humour and art-world humour, and how it operates within and between self-contained artworks.

Within that framework, the artworks in the show play with the imagery of meme aesthetics, art-world absurdism, hyper-machismo, sitcom narratives, black comedy, anthropomorphic dogs, book titles, incongruous objects, charismatic boxers and Steve Coogan.

Named after the catchphrase of fez-adorned comedian Tommy Cooper, Just Like That features works by artists and comedians that range across painting, video, sculpture and photography as well as a one-off communal stand-up gig by comedian Trevor Lock.


Bermondsey 94 Webster Rd, SE16 4DF