11/03/2023 - 05/04/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Eleven Artist Group Show - Skin Deep

Wed-Fri: 11-5pm; Sat: 11-5:30pm

STUDIO WEST is proud to present SKIN DEEP, a group exhibition of eleven emerging UK-based figurative painters: Ada Bond, Alice Miller, C Lucy R Whitehead, Iga Bielawska, Ki Yoong, Moussa David Saleh, Naila Hazell, Nina Baxter, Preslav Kostov, Serpil Mavi Üstün and Sophie Milner.

The works on show examine the body as a vessel through which we interface with the external world and as a tabula rasa onto which our experiences are irreversibly inscribed. Through various renderings of skin texture and surface, we are reminded of our corporeal fragility - we witness the porousness of the protective yet penetrable barrier that contains us.


Notting Hill 216 Kensington Park Rd, W11 1NR