25/10/2021 - 19/11/2021

Inaugural Show - Contemporary - Painting

Elinor Stanley - Flower Face

"Stanley uses painting to amplify and heighten experience, with glowing imagery in strange and filmic compositions. Elements are emphasised and consciously slip out of coherence, allowing for space that accentuates or obscures often with an underlying tension.

Stanley aims for a certain level of exuberance and drama to infuse the work, enabling a viewer to enter it more readily. In creating theatrical and artificial framings in her work there is always a gap between the subject and what they represent, distorting & muddying the communication between the work and the viewer. ‘I am interested in the messiness but also it’s forcefulness and how an artificial frame will allow us get closer to.’

Stanley is drawn to the vigour of the fantastical and the placid persistence of its presence in our interpretations. Her work explores how we are always able to give voices to the unspoken, and humanise subjects, through the context of imperfection and warmth. "

South Kensington Address provided with appointment.