17/09/2023 - 01/10/2023

Contemporary - Installation

Ellie Antoniou & Beatrice Vorster - *pinch* to zoom

By appointment: [email protected]

*pinch* to zoom is the result of an ongoing collaboration between artists Beatrice Vorster and Ellie Antoniou. The exhibition presents a central modular system: a mild steel frame figure that functions as a fictional battery, powering a collection of objects in the space such as durational prints, editioned stickers, magnets, and aluminum vent pieces.

Curated by Amélie Mckee.

The battery life is maintained through the polarization of the intimate duo show within the capsule, representing an eternal dialogue between two friends and collaborators. Gestures of mark-making, such as scratches, graffiti, and grinding, instigate the potential of becoming an image. These images reveal signs of decay and accumulation, suggesting an entropic understanding of time bound to materiality.


Park Royal 18 Trading Estate Road, NW10 7LU