04/05/2023 - 25/06/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Ema Todd - Light the lamp rarely, let the shadow come

Thu-Sun: 12-6pm

Night walks in South London are an important part of Emma Tod’s practice. Not only challenging what can be seen, but who should be seen, where, for what reason? Walking at night can be a way of disappearing, of becoming invisible, and of simultaneously becoming hyper-visible and singular. Night walking can be to challenge to paternalist orthodoxy. So too can painting.

Layers of transparent glaze are built upon carefully prepared surfaces in order to create a shallow depth of field that replicates the luminosity of the screen. Here, figurative and non-figurative elements meet, collide, and are altered by each other. Dynamic, subjective and fluctuating areas of colour and bodies of paint currently emerging can be expanded and foregrounded. Ambiguity invites us to speculate, to create meaning playfully, slightly, offering a counterpoint to the directed and surveilled nature of our digital lives.

The title of Tod’s solo exhibition at IMT is taken from Michel Serres’ (1985) The Five Senses, which speaks of the fragility of the empirical world and information technology in late capitalist society.


Cambridge Heath 210 Cambridge Heath Rd, E9 9NQ