02/11/2022 - 26/11/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Emily Pettigrew & Ryan Steadman - BALM

Wed-Fri: 10-3pm; Sat: 11-2pm

Wilder, in collaboration with Mothflower present a duo exhibition by Emily Pettigrew and Ryan Steadman.

Balm brings together new work by painters Ryan Steadman and Emily Pettigrew. The two artists live together in the Catskills, a rural location they moved to from New York City in 2020 in an attempt to disentwine themselves from the human and environmental sickness inherent in the culture of the city. Both artists’ work is deeply tied to a sense of place and to a shared search for a restorative, simpler way of life.

Together, Steadman and Pettigrew’s works suggest a search for healing in both physical and psychical terms. There is a sense of returning to the land as a treatment for the toxicity of late-stage capitalism, not as a form of escapism but rather as an exploration of an alternative way of life. Taken as a whole, Balm constitutes an attempt at restoration, breaking away from the sinister direction of the world not through a hermit-like retreat, but through a reengagement with human, animal, and landscape.


Kensal Rise 77 College Road, NW10 5ES