26/08/2021 - 26/09/2021

New Work - Painting

Emma Stone-Johnson + JIHI - Elegant Complexity

JIHI - Intimately familiar with the tropes and abbreviations of digital culture, she paints clusters and sequences of symbols and pictograms in flat, bright colour. Her compositions are assertively decorative, eschewing any spatial depth. Occasional letterforms spell out banal slogans, echoing the simple concepts of online attention-seeking.

Emma Stone-Johnson - Elegant Complexity marks Stone-Johnson's debut exhibition in London and her first with Pontone Gallery. Born in Brighton in 1982, Stone-Johnson works in oil, acrylic, pigment and ink on canvas to investigate abstraction with a subtle, liquid palette of diffuse and tonal colour. Her lyrical handling and delicacy of controlled touch makes for pictures which are complex networks of sinuous and dynamically gestural marks.


Fitzrovia 74 Newman St, W1T 3DB