6 - 8pm, Friday 8th Nov


Emma Walker - The Dark Sublime

The directors of Arthouse Gallery, Ali and Di Yeldham, are thrilled to present an evocative new series of work by artist Emma Walker.
The world we see is a world we know. That which is above the surface. However, a small investigation into an unseen world enables us to glimpse at its enormous complexity, intricacies and layers. In 'The Dark Sublime', Emma Walker takes a poetic imagining to nature’s world of interconnectivity that exists underground and on the forest floor.
Walking in old-growth forests, one cannot help but notice the order with which they are arranged. These are places of staggering biodiversity. Trees and undergrowth appear to find their ideal positions, water is regulated, and nutrients cycled, climate and humidity is moderated. Looking up into the forest canopy, branches grow towards each other in balance and apparent harmony, as though they know how far to reach without disrupting their neighbours, or the light requirements of what is beneath them. Plants seem to sense each other’s bodies, and grow for the health of the forest. Their lives are more than individual marathons to out-compete one another, and grow big and wide towards the sun.


Rushcutters Bay 66 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011