17/03/2023 - 22/04/2023

Contemporary - Sculpture

Eric Bainbridge - PLUCKPLUCK

Tue-Sat: 10-6pm

"Workplace is pleased to present PLUCKPLUCK, a solo exhibition of recent works by British sculptor Eric Bainbridge. The exhibition draws on Bainbridge’s interest in the inherent potential for meaning that is woven into everyday objects and brings together two distinct bodies of work to be exhibited for the first time.

Brightly coloured vertical forms, arranged precariously through the gallery, are revealed on closer inspection to be combinations of glassware and ceramics collected by Bainbridge from second-hand shops and markets. These high gloss, often translucent, domestic vases, cups, and ornaments are fused together by garish, viscous resin paste in combinations that hover uneasily between the beautiful and the absurd.

Downstairs, a diverse array of ceramic figurines are rendered ambiguous through the application of pigmented resin and geometric harlequinesque pattern, which obfuscates and generalises their form. Based on the European figurative ceramic tradition, these objects are drawn from nostalgia, and range from those formally close to 18th century Northern European ceramics, to those that are idealised or pastiche; clicheěd archetypes: the goose and the maid, the farmer's wife, the lady in waiting, the ballerina, and the dandy posing jauntily in false sophistication."


Fitzrovia 50 Mortimer Street, W1W 7RP