6:30 - 8:30pm, Wednesday 4th Sep

Private View

Esther Pearl Watson + David Thorpe - Mothership + Underground

Dual openings across both gallery floors.

David Thorpe - The show will included a series of rendered pipe works continuing his interest in traditional methods of handwork and employing on-synthetic materials such as mud, natural dyes, bone glue and slack lime. Thorpe is inspired in part by the English Arts & Crafts Movement, John Ruskin and the late socialist writings of William Morris, with the works in engaging in an aesthetic of ornate botanical design with leaves and branches that encircle the pipes outer layers.

Esther Pearl Watson - Presents a set of memory inspired paintings drawn from a childhood of living in a series of small towns outside of Dallas, with her siblings, mother, and flying saucer-building father, Gene, who aspired to influencing NASA with his prototypes.


Bethnal Green 60 Three Colts Ln, E2 6GQ