4 - 7pm, Saturday 11th Dec


Etienne Clément - An Epicurean Trip Circa 2020

In the second chapter of his photographic series Les Fêtes Galantes de London Fields, Etienne Clément presents a phantasmagoric world evoking the intimate, stylised revelling that took place in 18th century fêtes galantes in France echoed by 21st century London Fields ‘Summer Season’ in London. Beautiful hipsters congregate and London Fields rapidly turns into a hedonistic park of bacchanalian barbecuing, drinking, pill popping, loving, DJing, dancing... till the early hours of the morning. In the face of economic upheavals, Covid 19, lockdowns and other Brexit nasties, the pursuit of pleasure is gaining an almost political significance.


London Fields 23 London Lane, E8 3PR