6 - 8pm, Saturday 30th Nov


eX de Medici - The Wreckers + Wei Rong Wu Collaboration

eX de Medici’s exhibition, The Wreckers + Wei Rong Wu Collaboration escalates the artist’s interrogations of the global political, economic and environmental crisis and the devastating ramifications of power and greed.

Comprising of two large works, the exhibition presents an enormous and intricate watercolour illustration, The Wreckers and a Chinese painting album, Farmer and Foreigner, created in collaboration with Chinese-Australian artist Wei Rong Wu.

Spanning six metres, The Wreckers is a sprawling scene of violence and destruction, created in eX de Medici’s unique aesthetic, drawing on her background as a tattooist. The heavily coded work shows a mass of wrecked cars against a black star-spangled banner, adorned by flowers and interspersed with the names of “the worst people responsible for doing the worst things in the world”.


Zetland 799 Elizabeth St, Zetland NSW 2017