2 - 3pm, Saturday 30th Apr

Artist Tour

Feral Partnerships - BIRDSEYEVIEW

Join design collective Feral Partnerships for a free artist tour of their exhibition BIRDSEYEVIEW.

Feral Partnerships is a design collective which was born out of frustration with professional and academic practice standards in architecture around ecological and biodiversity loss. Their research-based practice creates an archive of buildings designed for humans and other species in order to inspire new possibilities for building worlds with the other-than-human in mind.

BIRDSEYEVIEW speculates upon how creative practices of multispecies care might help to secure the shared futures of birds and people in an uncertain and volatile world. Models, drawings and iconography form the core of the exhibition, with objects, details and architectures presented on specially constructed display plinths resembling bird houses, giving form to diverse stories of human and bird cohabitation from across the planet.

Brixton 39a Loughborugh Rd, SW9 7TB