18/11/2022 - 10/12/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Ferrari Sheppard - Tremendous

Tue-Sat: 10-6pm

MASSIMODECARLO is pleased to announce the first European solo exhibition of Ferrari Sheppard in their new gallery space in Mayfair, London titled Tremendous. The show marks Sheppard’s first solo presentation with the gallery.

Tremendous expands on Sheppard’s ongoing exploration into memorialising and honouring the beauty and delicacy of the Black experience. Through poetic brushstrokes and brilliant gold accents, the works quietly yet defiantly radiate across the gallery space.

Sheppard’s practice is inspired by Renaissance-era master storytellers of hyperrealism including Michelangelo and Caravaggio but heralds a new visual approach to figuration. Across large canvases he combines acrylic, charcoal, and 24k gold to illuminate, intensify and celebrate his subjects. Like the vivid dreamscapes on show at MASSIMODECARLO, his brushstrokes create a blurred vision of people and places that make the everyday become ephemeral.


Mayfair 16 Clifford St, W1S 3RG