6 - 9pm, Thursday 27th Jan


Fieroza Doorsen - Henna and other ways of mark making

The exhibition will bring together works spanning two decades by the South Africa born artist of Indian descent.

Expanding upon her formal education in printmaking, Fieroza uses a wide range of materials to investigate mark-making, spatial relationships and formal contrasts to create her visual vocabulary. These materials include oil pastel, charcoal, ink, oil paint, pencil, henna, acrylic, string, wax and collage on both paper and canvas.

Whilst Fieroza’s visual language is decidedly abstract and emphasizes colour and pattern, it is also grounded in the familiar using repeated calligraphic marks and simple coloured forms. Drawing plays an important role in her artwork, allowing her to create and constantly modify her compositions. Her style has grown increasingly gestural over time, as colours and patterns bleed into each other.


Fitzrovia 12-14 Whitfield St, W1T 2RF