12 - 7pm, Friday 5th Nov

Late Opening

Five Artist Mixed Medium Group Show - A Glimpse of Delight

"To experience delight is to be captured in a fleeting moment. There is poignancy in knowing the experience is brief. Delight rewards those who stop and notice, and its intensity is heightened in challenging times. We need to be receptive for delight to tickle us. In this exhibition five artists and a writer respond to the idea of delight as we emerge from the Covid pandemic and lockdown - rediscovering everyday freedoms and finding moments to appreciate what we previously overlooked."

- Clare Davidson abstracts familiar shapes to depict space through contrasting colours, and delights in playing with the absurdity of creating depth on a two-dimensional surface.
- Rachel Goodison creates installations, playing with materials and varying scales so that we see familiar objects in unfamiliar, curious ways.
- Clare Dudeney is finding moments of delight in a meditative daily process of carving wood and weaving yarn. Balanced between the figurative and the abstract.
- Suki Jobson’s work seeks a link between the internal and the external, the past and the present, the playful and the sublime.
- Justine Formentelli looks at the emergence of new possibilities through encounters of different textures and shapes in painting and sculpture.
- Rebecca Chuks' essayettes share a dialogue between inner child and wry caregiver, distilling the vulnerability and wisdom it takes to survive life and remain open to moments of pure joy.


Aldgate 10 Greatorex St, E1 5NF