6 - 11pm, Friday 28th Jul

Opening & Performance

Five Fold & H.A.E. present - The Moments Tender

Five Fold and H.A.E. present The Moments Tender, a pop-up exhibition of art, music, and poetry.

The exhibition will explore the temporality of emotion as moments which leave a mark, whether fleeting or long-lasting. It is inspired by the heady emotions of summer, when people spill out into streets and parks, and have experiences which they carry with them for years to come.

All of the artists exhibiting submitted work based on these themes; their differing perspectives are fascinating and intriguing, and anyone who visits will find a piece which resonates with them.

DJs: Kome Eleyae, Shauwdii, Miss Knox, Bella Olive & KD22Lr

Tickets: £11.55


Haggerston 201 Hackney Road, London E2 8JP