6 - 11pm, Saturday 29th Jul

Performance Showcase

Five Fold & H.A.E. present - The Moments Tender

Five Fold and H.A.E. present The Moments Tender, a pop-up exhibition of art, music, and poetry.

The exhibition will explore the temporality of emotion as moments which leave a mark, whether fleeting or long-lasting. It is inspired by the heady emotions of summer, when people spill out into streets and parks, and have experiences which they carry with them for years to come.

Poets: Devika Pararasasinghe & Maxine Sibihwana
Performers: Cuppasounds, Vanda, Malik Polo, LizMNK, 00ab & Cheddabred

All of the artists exhibiting submitted work based on these themes; their differing perspectives are fascinating and intriguing, and anyone who visits will find a piece which resonates with them.


Haggerston 201 Hackney Road, London E2 8JP