21/04/2022 - 28/05/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Fourteen Artist Group Show organised by Dale Adcock & Adam Dix - PӨƧƬ ƬӨƬΣM

PӨƧƬ ƬӨƬΣM - Co-organised by artists Dale Adcock and Adam Dix, Post Totem brings together fourteen emerging and established artists who explore our inner creative ancestors, the compulsion to create totemic images, explore the unconscious, whilst cultivating a greater consciousness of our present time and place.

Dale Adcock
Simon Burton
Adam Dix
Tim Ellis
Rachel Howard
Henry Hussey
Lisa Ivory
Dean Melbourne
Linda Persson
Yelena Popova
Chantal Powell
Joanna Rajkowska
Alexis Soul Gray
Suzanne Treister


New Oxford St 106 New Oxford St, WC1A 1HB