15/09/2022 - 23/10/2022

New Work - Sculpture

Frances Richardson - Still attached at all four corners

Thu-Sat: 2-6pm

Bobinska Brownlee gallery is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Frances Richardson. Richardson’s eye is attracted to the disregarded, unwanted or overlooked of the everyday, finding rhythm in upturned pallets and piles of building waste, greeting moths each morning along her studio corridor or ushering the odd rogue winged visitor to her flat out into the night.

In Still attached at all four corners, Richardson draws together what she calls the real and the phantom in sculptural images made from wood veneers and MDF. The Rorschach-like pairings of burr wood veneers allude to the psyche and flights of fantasy.

Richardson says, “if I have to be pinned down to saying what the work is about…” - something that she resists - “… I could say the work is an allegory of transience. But I would prefer you to make up your own mind”.


De Beauvoir 38 Tower Court, 1a Canonbury St, N1 2US