26/05/2023 - 09/07/2023

Contemporary - Film

Frances Scott & Chu-Li Shewring - Wendy

Thu-Sun: 10-5pm

Wendy is a film fan letter and response to the work of composer, electronic music innovator and polymath, Wendy Carlos, by Frances Scott and Chu-Li Shewring.

Translated into a series of rehearsals, the work orbits around a duet for four hands on one piano. Together, Frances Scott and Chu-Li Shewring learn to play a transcribed version of Timesteps, an original score composed by Wendy Carlos for the film soundtrack A Clockwork Orange—in which she first responded to the book by Anthony Burgess, preceding Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation in 1971.

The film is shown as a film installation at TACO!, with 5:1 surround sound arranged in a structure that alludes to the dome and curvature of a planetarium. Embedded on the reverse of the projection screen and the gallery window are a series of lumen prints- solar photograms that composite exposures of stills from the film.


Thamesmead 2 Cygnet Square, Thamesmead, London, SE2 9FA