8 - 8:30pm, Tuesday 14th Sep


Freestylers - Rehearsal Sharing: Everybody With Me, Always

Freestylers will be sharing some live work from their rehearsal that day for their new piece Everybody With Me, Always and showing some film work.

Everybody With Me always was made over the last year. We couldn’t work together in the studio and we wanted to see each other in real life, so we started going on walks together. The work is a journey. We are going on tour for the first time. We are meeting new people, finding out what we need and how we can help each other. Making more and more connections.

Freestylers (previously Depford Freestylers) is made of a team of people who have longstanding creative relationships built on care, support and trust. As their team is made up of artists with and without disability, they are often interrogating the idea of care because in the believe it goes both ways.

Elephant & Castle 85 St. George's Rd, SE1 6ER