10:30 - 4pm, Friday 15th Nov


Frieze Academy: Digital Marketing for the Arts

Gain deeper insights into which channels to include in your organisation's digital strategy.

What I will learn:
- Where to spend across the digital channel mix: how channels behave differently; how to optimise what you're doing in each; and where it’s useful to spend your money
- How both large and small-scale institutions and organisations are approaching digital marketing across the arts – and how you could work differently
- How to make content marketing work for you, in order to maintain the right balance - and credibility
- How to understand and apply audience segmentation in relation to the channel mix: exploring real-world examples
- Whether influencers still have influence: should you use them – or should you even bother trying?

Tickets: £160.00


Shoreditch 45 Curtain Rd, EC2A 3PT