6 - 8:30pm, Tuesday 10th Sep


Frieze Presents: Sustainable Thinking - An Evening of Talks - How do we deal with the unsustainable ecosystem of art and culture?

6:00pm - Doors open

6:15pm -Introduction
Host: Lucia Pietroiusti, Curator of Live Programmes & General Ecology Project, Serpentine Galleries

6:30pm - If We Don’t Change Our Behaviour, We Can’t Survive
Mapping out steps to achieving a literal, physical, material reduction of our carbon footprint within the arts.
- Lucia Pietroiusti, Curator of Live Programmes &General Ecology Project, Serpentine Galleries - In conversation with
-Daniel Fernandez Pascual, Spatial Practitioner, Cooking Sections
-Alon Schwabe, Spatial Practitioner, Cooking Sections
- Alison Tickle, CEO, Julie’s Bicycle

7:15pm - Circular Design: Creatively Conscious
Presentation of an approach to design that places sustainability at its core; shaping your work around - and helping to inspire - bigger change; leading and shaping inspirational new ways of thinking and creating.
- Nancy Diniz, Architect + Course Leader, MA Biodesign, CSM
- Katharine Hamnett, Designer

8:00pm: Can Art Turn Thinking into Doing?
Using art to make a political statement, to inform and expand our knowledge of environments and our relationships with the world around us; to help attract people to a cause and make a change?
- Jennifer Higgie, Editorial Director, Frieze

Tickets: £35.00 (Concession: £20.00 )


Holborn Strand, WC2R 1HA