20/05/2021 - 24/09/2021

Historical Exhibition

FÜR DAS KIND / For the Child

the ACF London is delighted to open its doors to the public again and welcome you back with a very special exhibition about the Kindertransport to Great Britain.

Following the ‘Night of Pogroms’ (9 – 10th November 1938) and the beginning of World War II (1st September 1939), the Kindertransport to Great Britain took place from December 1938 to August 1939 and saved lives of 10.000 mostly Jewish children from Germany, Austria and former Czechoslovakia from Nazi persecution.

The exhibition FÜR DAS KIND is produced and presented together with Milli Segal, director and founder of the Museum FÜR DAS KIND.


Knightsbridge 28 Rutland Gate, SW7 1PQ