7 - 12am, Thursday 1st Dec

Performance Showcase

Futur.Shock LIVE: Most Dismal Swamp present - Strange Attractor Chapter 4: Scraper

Our platform-mediated world is a ‘mixed-reality biome’, a horizonless territory of context- collapse where adversarial filter-bubbles, reality-models, fictions, heresies and microworld- building protocols form an all-consuming swamp.

The night’s line-up consists of the British-Egyptian artist and composer, FRKTL, a live performance from Æthereal Arthropod and Miedo Total, the audio-visual producer ecolagbohrsac2021, a DJ set from Zlaya - the co-founder of Guttering - and a live performances from (Live) and installation from the curator themselves Most Dismal Swamp.

The night will knot together durational multi-player performance, delicately emotive sonic textures, brutal deconstructed slams and kaleidoscopic hyper-medieval festivity, Chapter 4: Scraper screams an ecstatic acid-pessimism in the face of the folkless-lore feedcrafting the murky dopamine - currents of our infernal instant.

- FRKTL (Live)
- Miedo Total (Live)
- Æthereal Arthropod (Live)
- ecolagbohrsac2021 (Live and Sculpure)
- zlaya (DJ set)
- Most Dismal Swamp (Live performance and installation)

Tickets: £13.45 (Concession: £9.05 )


Canning Town Gillian House, Stephenson St, E16 4SA