01/10/2021 - 30/10/2021

New Work - Painting & Ceramics

Galina Munroe - The King of Carrot Flowers

In this exhibition Munroe’s scenes are presented as if an offering; a celebration of the still life.

The full-frontal compositions of the larger-scale paintings confront the viewer, brimming with life, a sense of springtime with flowers blooming in young enthusiasm. Painted in a naive and juvenile style, the works are contrasted with the thickness and complexities of the intricate layering of the backgrounds, reflecting the inner arguments of the artist, jumping between thoughts. The looming anthropomorphic flowers with long dancing bodies, take on and fill the lack of human presence. We only intervene as voyeurs in these works, we do not exist for them.

Exhibiting for the first time are Munroe’s ceramics which were produced in collaboration with ceramicist Meredith Adams. The ceramics are born out of the paintings. As in Munroe pictorial practice, whereby the objects should break free from the borders of the canvas, fall off or out of the paintings. They hold their own presence in reality.
And now through her ceramic practice, they come to life.


Bethnal Green 94 Teesdale St, E2 6PU