11/05/2023 - 27/05/2023

Contemporary - Painting & Sculpture

Galleri Opdahl present Tom Howse & Jone Kvie

Tue-Sat: 10-6pm

Galleri Opdahl is thrilled to present the British painter Tom Howse, b.1981, and the Norwegian sculptor Jone Kvie, b.1971.

Tom Howse - With paintings as his medium, Tom Howse explores the borders between the real and the imaginary. Through visual confabulations of myths and folklore, the absurd and the known, Howse questions our search for understanding.

Jone Kvie - The sculptures of Jone Kvie exist within a juxtaposition of the inherently specific and entirely abstract. Working predominantly with bronze and stone, his subject ranges from meteors and explosions in outer space to mundane objects from everyday life to matters of that which lie beneath the surface we walk upon.


Mayfair 9 Cork Street, W1S 3LL