09/08/2023 - 22/10/2023

Contemporary - Immersive

Wed-Sun: 5-10pm

Journey through time and creation at Genesis, where a stunning display of technological innovation lights up The Swiss Church in London. Delight in a mesmerising spectacle, traversing the realms of light, water, earth, and plants, evoking the profound essence of Genesis.

First Day - Light : On the first day, the light came and separated from the darkness. The light is called "day" and the darkness is called "night".

Second Day - Sky: On the second day, a vastness developed to separate the water. This expanse is called "sky".

Third Day (Part One) - Water & Earth: On the third day, dry soil was formed, in which the water was collected. This dry ground is called "land" and the collected water is called "sea".

Third Day (Part Two) - Nature: This same day, the plants and the trees formed, lending the earth amazing bright colours.

Meditation: Glowing lanterns take up the light symbol of burning candles, which is generally interpreted in religious contexts as the symbol of the soul.

Tickets: £17.00 (Concession: £14.00 )


Covent Garden 79 Endell St, WC2H 9DY