6 - 8pm, Thursday 16th Jan


Genevieve Loy Kemarr - Akwerlkerrmwerlkerr

Cooee Art Gallery is pleased to present a wonderfully colourful and exciting solo exhibition by Genevieve Kemarr Loy, an artist from the Utopia region.
Genevieve is the granddaughter of Artist Nancy Petyarr and daughter of Cowboy Loy Pwerl, from whom she learned how and what subjects to paint. She paints her father’s country, which lies on the western side of Sandover River on Utopia Station. Her story is of the Bush Turkey, for which her father is senior custodian. She is one of the most naturally gifted and inspiring painters to have come out of the Utopia region in some time. Since 2010, she has been a finalist in the Blake Prize, the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, the Paddington Art Prize, the Fleurieu Art Prize, the Churchie, the National Emerging Art Exhibition, and the Alice Prize. Her works have been acquired by the Art Gallery of South Australia, Deakin University, Melbourne, along with numerous private collections around the world.


Paddington 326 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021