13/09/2021 - 17/09/2021

New Work - Painting

Georgii Uvs - Abstract Intuitionism

Abstract Intuitionism follows on from the artist’s hugely successful UK debut show at Saatchi Gallery and retrospective at Gallery 8 in 2019 and explores a newly-founded concept that has never been used or embraced before in the art world. Georgii Uvs’ profound artworks reflect his experimentation and commitment to philosophy and fascination of intuitiveness within artistic activity. As a modern-day artist born into a world with several millennia of art history and genius of past experts, Uvs believes that only philosophy can relate and create art in the 21st Century.

Georgii UVS’s spontaneous paintings urge viewers to delve into themselves and reach deep within the subconscious, to uncover primitive sensations and reveal the collective sense of the archetypal visual language. Uvs’ art explores freedom, divergence and convergence, and illustrates a powerful myriad of raw emotion and behavior that possessed his body and soul during the act of creating.


Soho 16-18 Marshall Street, W1F 7BE