05/10/2021 - 30/10/2021

Contemporary - Painting

Giggs Kgole - Badimo Ba Kgole

"Badimo Ba Kgole is not a show, it’s an experience. A journey of a boy becoming a man. The journey of a child with dreams of art coming into himself and becoming art.

Badimo Ba Kgole- kgole his surname which translates to both “far” and “infinity” together, a far infinity. The show is his 12th solo exhibition at the age of 24. 1+2=3 the number of trinity, wisdom, and harmony; 2+4= 6 the number of harmony, balance and stability. The exhibition is a walk-through of his life from which is a culmination of divinity, purpose and supernatural grace.

Badimo Ba Kgole- the ancestors afar / the ancestors in infinity. The ancestors in infinity is a mirror of his devotion to ancestral connection. The connection to others' ancestors who have guided, protected and blessed him. In a cyclical exchange of receiving and giving he is collaborating with: Frans Thoka, Nkosinathi Mbatha, William Ledwaba and Hana Lotfy, young contemporary artists with an alluring craft and bright impact."


Mayfair 20 Davies St, W1K 3DT