13/10/2021 - 27/11/2021


Gina Fischli - Deep Water

A: So I’ve read somewhere that glass is actually neither in a liquid nor a solid state. It’s somewhere in between and the particles keep moving but just so slowly that you can’t see it.

B: Uh-huh.

A: Solids are highly organized states but glass can act like a solid state while being very disorganised.

B: Yeah. Have you done anything exciting lately?

A: Do you know the pros and cons of living near wetlands?

B: Can you tell me more about glass? I‘m interested in glass.

A: They say glass takes 1 million years to decompose but who will really be around for that long to prove it?

B: Apropos, do we need to go?

A: No! What are you having?

B: Not sure. It all sounds good.


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