02/03/2023 - 25/03/2023

Contemporary - Painting & Sculpture

Giorgio van Meerwijk & Larissa Lockshin - Still There Are Seeds To Be Gathered

Tue-Sat: 11-6pm

"Giorgio Van Meerwijk and Larissa Lockshin are two artists united by their approach to materials. Their duo exhibition, Still There Are Seeds To Be Gathered embraces the raw physicality in their work whilst also considering the transformation and reinterpretation of their materials.

Van Meerwijk presents sculpture that evokes actions of gathering and transforming. Further exploring the idea of the receptacle, he is interested in how these narratives that Ursual le Guin is describing in her essay ‘The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’ (1986), shape a way of seeing and interacting with our surroundings. Van Meerwijk explores this through his use of materials, mixing artificial and natural materials in some works and embracing the original materiality in others. His sculptures feel at once nostalgic and natural whilst also being architectural and process-based. They seek to contradict in their shape and texture, conjuring a feeling of the unknown.

Van Meerwijk’s sculpture bounces off Lockshin’s enigmatic paintings, where abstraction of colour using charcoal and matt pigment are mapped onto satin. Her work draws on landscapes from the 19th and early 20th century and considers painting as object over image content. Repossessing a gender associated material typically used for dressmaking, Lockshin paints on unprimed satin to allow for breaks of light to adorn the shiny fabric’s surface. Her paintings subtly move off their surfaces, creating tension and engaging the viewer from multiple viewpoints. Hand-carved frames snake and surround the picture plane, speaking in dialogue with Van Meerwijk’s own woodwork."


Fitzrovia 35 Eastcastle St, W1W 8DW