7 - 9pm, Tuesday 14th Dec

Concept Dinner

Gobyfish Collective Fundraiser Dinner

Gobyfish Collective will be hosting a performative dinner in the gallery around The Dinner Table, an impressive table installation featuring an array of artwork and objects for sale.

The menu will comprise of:
- A welcome cocktail.
- A vegetarian, delicious, mad, 3-course meal.
- A medicinal digestive.

“This dinner table is a site of momentary entanglement; of knowledge, of (his)stories, of human and nonhuman, of landscapes, of bodies, of soil, and sky. This act of communal nourishment - sharing, spilling and chewing together- is an act of cohesive care. The singular is now multiple, the atom is now a molecule.” — Gobyfish Collective

Tickets: £70.00


Brixton 39a Loughborugh Rd, SW9 7TB