2 - 9pm, Friday 13th May

Student Showcase

Goldsmiths BA Curating - PRESSURE POINTS: Holding Bodies as Collateral

PRESSURE POINTS is a collaborative project by the graduates of BA Curating at Goldsmiths, University of London.

The show will explore the way that neoliberal approaches to labour, class, education, borders, and sexuality pressure and restrict bodies. What does it mean to exist in a system of social measurement that requires minds and bodies to perform and who defines the criteria of performance for us? How do we learn to abstract and distract our bodies and minds? Questions of care and bodily experience derive from a growing sense of collective detachment both from our own body and with one another. As social media occupies a large space “in between”, the encounter between bodies can at times feel surreal and incorporeal.

Participating curators
01 / Shiori Adashi
02 / Lara Bronner
03 / Federica Cammarata
04 / Kate Gillies
05 / Harman Liu
06 / Adrianna Marciniec
07 / Palina Shturma
08 / Eva-Dawn Speight


New Cross St James Hatcham Church, New Cross, SE14 6AD