6 - 9pm, Thursday 6th May

Student Showcase

Goldsmiths MFA Group - Unpro No Unce

Unpro No Unce is a group show of MFA Goldsmiths students featuring works by Amy Yuchen Ge, Diogo Gama, Wenxuan Chen, Rosie Vardith Partouche and Zicheng Wang exploring barriers of language, culture and practice.

Highlighting how the power of the unspoken can be transcended, drilled by mediators of different alphabets who negotiate, terrifyingly logical and alogical algorithms through the reconsideration of senses. An attempt to enjoy and embody its creation or ....... celebrate its fall.

qsi tru pvaa, Trol tell told! Fa da vruum?


South Bermondsey Orion Business Centre, Surrey Canal Rd, SE14 5RT