7:30 - 10:30pm, Wednesday 11th Sep

Poetry Reading

Grace & El Pilkington Present - A Body or a Bird

Launching themed salons exploring dual-meaning words this session will be thinking about "CELLS"

** Elijah W Harris**
Elijah is an actor & writer based in London. He often writes about health and his trans identity.

lyds is a poet & writer who predicates her work on radical honesty, vulnerability & the sacred. she’s been published by, Kandaka, AFROPUNK & sweet-thang zine and performs regularly around LDN.

**mud howard**
mud is a non-binary trans poet from the states. they write about queer intimacy, interior worlds, & the cosmic joke of the gender binary. they hold an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster London and are currently working on their first full-length novel: a queer trans memoir structured like a tarot deck and packed full of lies.


Farringdon 56 Farringdon Rd, EC1R 3BL