25/02/2023 - 04/05/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Gretchen Scherer - Of A Place

Thu-Sat: 2-6pm

Taymour Grahne Projects is pleased to present Of A Place, a solo exhibition by Brooklyn and New Jersey based artist Gretchen Scherer.

"To be of a place is that moment where for a brief pocket of time you are the eyes of that place looking back on itself when it is pleased with itself. . . . you are caught in a kind of delightful stewardship and entanglement with that place.” - Martin Shaw

Scherer’s paintings invite the viewer to lose themselves in lofty rooms packed with elegance and rich detail. Capturing the tradition and charm of historic estates, Scherer weaves together antiquity with imagination in these carefully crafted compositions.


Notting Hill 1 Londsdale Rd, W11 2BY