3 - 7pm, Sunday 6th Oct

Open Studios

Group Open Studios - The Face of Power

For Frieze Week Avenir Institute are hosting an open studio event and presentation of "The Face of Power" project hosted by the Elephant & Castle Experimental Space.

"Knowledge, money, beauty can become a power - but none of them is pure power. Power is power: the ultimate social currency of otherwise meaningless temporal existence. One can assign this definition to ruthless Machiavellianism, but we see it as a reflection of the truth that is often strategically hidden under the cloaks of loyalties, patriotisms, national identities, cultural commonalities and other components of ideological socio-political imaginary. The everlasting domination of patriarchal form of political power follows the same (ruthless) rulebook even though the actual faces of power occasionally feature women. It is always either me or chaos."

- Avenir Institute


Walworth Studio 24, 87 Crampton St, SE17 3AZ