01/10/2021 - 22/01/2022

Group Show - Mixed Medium

Group Show curated by Daria Kahn - Cosmic Mothers

The exhibition title is inspired by the 1971 enigmatic painting ‘Cosmic Mother’ by the USSR artist Galina Konopatskaya.

Cosmic Mother appears as an androgynous, ethnically ambiguous person holding a baby, both clad in astronaut suits and floating in outer space. The iconography of the work echoes the Orthodox icons of Madonna and Child, seen differently here from the icon’s with the traditional golden background. Instead, the figures here float in front of planet Earth.

Artists - Bonnie Camplin, Annie Goh, Jackie Karuti, Janina Kraupe-Świderska, Alexandra Paperno. Curated by Daria Khan.


Bloomsbury 47 Theobalds Rd, WC1X 8SP