6 - 9pm, Friday 25th Feb

Closing Reception

Group Show curated by Rachael Allen & Guy Robertson - An Incomplete A to Z for Art and Poetry

Expanding on the Mahler & LeWitt Studios and Viaindustriae ‘Art & Poetry’ residency session in Spoleto, Italy, An Incomplete A to Z for Art & Poetry, curated by Rachael Allen and Guy Robertson, explores the creative and collaborative potentialities between visual art and poetry.

Artists - Will Alexander, Nanni Balestrini, Adelaide Cioni, Sophie Collins, Jesse Darling, Edward Doegar, Alan Fielden, Edmund Hardy, Will Harris (with Matthew Stuart and Andrew Walsh-Lister), Marie Jacotey, jocjonjosch (with Rachael Allen), Bricks from the Kiln, Joshua Leon, Sol LeWitt, Serse Luigetti, Anna Mahler, Lila Matsumoto, Monitor Books, Lucy Mercer, isobel neviazsky, Hana Noorali and Lynton Talbot, Holly Pester, Prototype, Tai Shani, Diamond Stingily, Viaindustriae, Slimvolume, Stephen Watts


Mayfair 30 Old Burlington Street, London W1S 3AP