04/06/2021 - 17/07/2021

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Group show curated by Subsidiary Projects & Jeanette Gunnarsson - ONE

San Mei Gallery is pleased to present ONE, a group exhibition curated by Subsidiary Projects and Jeanette Gunnarsson.

The exhibition brings together five artists, Johnny Izatt-Lowry, Robin Megannity, Jessica Wetherly, Ellie Pratt and Shinuk Suh, in an exploration of loneliness and isolation. ONE, the loneliest number, considers isolation as a physical space that we all inhabit. Questioning what it means to be solitary, outside of and isolated within our contemporary, globalised and digital world. ONE explores this notion, not in the sense of the misanthropic, but considering the structural, institutional, political and personal perspectives.

Conceptualised in November 2019, prior to the current pandemic, the concept of the exhibition became an omen of what was to come. The five artists have been able to further question the notion of “ONE” throughout the year and have generated work reflecting on this theme, as “isolation” takes on a new dimension and meaning.


Brixton 39a Loughborugh Rd, SW9 7TB