24/06/2021 - 31/07/2021

Cross C20th - Mixed Medium

Group Show incl. Wassily Kandinsky, Etel Adnan to Frank Bowling, Mary Webb, Alek O. & Katy Moran - To Situations New

Weaving a narrative from Wassily Kandinsky and Etel Adnan to Frank Bowling, Mary Webb, Alek O. and Katy Moran, amongst others, ‘To Situations New’ nods to the pluralism of an artistic form of expression, that like Dickinson, has sparked considerations of our subconscious, landscapes, bodies, and environment.

Ultimately, ‘To Situations New’ prompts thought on a universality of expression, distinct to each artist, time and place, that invites individual comprehension and empathy.

Artists: Etel Adnan (b. 1925), Frank Bowling (b. 1934), John Hoyland (b. 1934-2011), Wassily Kandinsky (b. 1866-1944), František Kupka (b. 1871-1957), Judith Lauand (b. 1922), Katy Moran (b. 1945), Ben Nicholson (b. 1894-1982), Alek O. (b. 1981) Mattea Perotta (b. 1990), Nathalie du Pasquier (b. 1957), Mary Webb (b. 1942) Curated by Jennifer Ellis.


Mayfair 32 St. George St, W1S 2EA