18/11/2021 - 04/01/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium


The exhibition Metamorphoses will present a broad spectrum of vibrant, imaginative and thought-provoking works created by a wide range of Neon Gallery artists: pieces that reflect and shine a light on the dynamic and often opposing forces of metamorphosis, those vitally important but often unseen energies that act to create, evolve and define the very nature of society and human existence.

The works we’ve selected for the show speak to the inherent tensions of art and nature, of reality and illusion, as illustrated by dramatic, mythic and sometimes absurd transformations: from human to animal, from living being to inanimate object, changes of colour, changes of sex, changes of meaning. Some of these metamorphoses are literal; others are implied, or ‘meta.’ But one fact remains constant: to live is to experience change, to cause change, to create change.


Soho 97 New Bond Street, W1S 1SN