04/11/2022 - 26/02/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Group Show - The Art of the Football Scarf

Mon: 10-5pm Thu-Sat: 10-5pm; Sun: 11-4pm

"The football scarf is brandished by supporters around the world, swung above heads at matches, worn down the pub, nailed to bedroom walls. It’s ubiquitous, and its capacity for visual branding hasn’t escaped the attention of artists.

So we’ve pulled together close to a hundred football scarves by dozens of contemporary artists and hung them from the ceiling and filled the gallery walls, just like in one of those amazing little football bars you stumble across on holiday. We've collected scarves by the likes of David Shrigley, Guerrilla Girls, Babak Ganjei, Gray Wielebinski, Aurore Le Duc and Bedwyr Williams.

There’s searing cultural critique here, loads of sexuality, tons of humour, endless colour and boundless ideas, all contained on gorgeous bits of knitted acrylic. It’s football scarves, but it’s art. OK?"


Tottenham Warmington House, 744 High Road, N17